Saturday, July 11, 2009

Commits to gsoc2009unicode, after the mid evaluation

TODO: Save files with international file names. bug 10146.
TODO: Typing in unicode only languages. [Currently boxes are displayed, in the editing area, instead]
TODO: Table column size.
TODO: Insert Image Dialog.

27718 - Porting Win32 Page Setup Dialog. Final commit that comes under GSoC 2009.
27691 - Porting xap_Win32Dlg_ListDocuments.
27684 - Fixing Merge Cells Dialog to Unicode. Testing is being done using Arabic(BiDi Text), Tamil(Indic Text), and Croatian languages.
27592 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_ListRevisions.
27575 - Fixing the crash in the Document History dialog.
27550 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_MarkRevisions.
27530 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_Paragraph.
27509 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_MailMerge.
27499 - Fixing ap_Win32Dialog_PageNumbers.
27498 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_MergeCells.
27496 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_SplitCells.
27455 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_Background.
27450 - Reverting commit 26655, which gave problems in accessing documents and urls.
27449 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_HdrFtr.
27385 - First commit after the testing started in Arab.
27378 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_FormatFrame.
27377 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_Tab.
27375 - Porting ToggleCase.
27362 - Porting Format Footnotes.
27350 - Fixing ut_Win32Uuid for Unicode only build.
27349 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_Columns.
27322 - Porting Annotation; This port is incomplete and ofcourse annotation has some bugs.
27273 - Modifying the functions of the classes, as unicode only versions, which are missed in the earlier commits.
27254 - Porting ap_Win32Dialog_Field.
27237 - Porting xap_Win32DialogHelper.
27235 - Fixing the Toolbar.
27232 - Porting xap_Win32Dlg_DocComparison.
27231 - Fixing some earlier omissions in Win32 Graphics classes.
27201 - Open files with international file names. bug 12222.

Commits till the mid evaluation are listed here.

[This post will be updated as I progress further in my project]

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