Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monitoring a workflow in XBaya

Initial Steps
SVN Checkout the xbaya source code.
mvn idea:idea from the source root to create an IntelliJ IDEA project from the pom.
Start Tomcat and Run StartMessenger of the WS-Messenger.
Quick installation steps for WS-Messenger can be found here.
Open the XBaya project file and modify the default broker url to http://localhost:8080/messenger/ in

XBaya Workflow Composer
Component -> Add Local Directory [add a directory containing the wsdls which are the wsdl's of the services deployed in Axis2]
Using the components, create a workflow [Say a simple arithmetic addition workflow].
Monitoring -> Configure Monitoring; Use a valid string for topic, and uncheck the Pull Mode.
Monitoring -> Start Monitoring
Workflow -> Run Workflow.

Give suitable values for the parameters. If it is an addition function, give two integer values for param0 and param1.

XBaya will monitor the workflow and will indicate the Time, Component, Status, and Message.

Results can be seen in the idea output as below.

Increase can be seen in the incoming message number and subscriptions/unsubscriptions in the broker [http://localhost:8080/messenger], and the Total successful outgoing message number of the delivery thread of WS-Messenger [http://localhost:12347/].

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