Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quick installation : WS-Messenger

1. Download Messenger here and extract to a location, which will later be pointed as WSNT_HOME.
2. create a mysql database, use db/mysqlCreationScript.txt to create the tables in the database
3. update the config/db.config to point to the data base (sample here).
4. run ant war to create war file. messenger.war will be created inside WSNT_HOME/distribution folder.
5. Download and install a web container (we use apache tomcat), deploy the war file by dropping it into the tomcat webapps folder, and start tomcat.
6. run ./ at WSNT_HOME to start the messenger. [In Windows, it is the *.bat file]. If the downloaded version's startMessenger has any trouble, try this.

Starting the message broker includes two processes.
The war file deployed in the web container, can be reached at http://localhost:8080/messenger/ after starting the web container. It is called the broker.
Delivery thread of WS-Messenger can be reached at http://localhost:12347/ by running the startMessenger.

Testing - Running a sample
Download and put it into the folder WSNT_HOME/test/org/indiana/extreme/queue.
Create a project using WSNT_HOME/test as the source root.
Add the WSNT_HOME/lib jar files, and WSNT_HOME/build/lib/wsmg.jar to the path.
After running the messenger as mentioned above, run the

This will depict the case, where 10 subscribers subscribing to one of the 3 available publishers.

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