Sunday, June 21, 2009

XBAYA - A Graphical Workflow Composer for Web Services

XBAYA - A Graphical Workflow Composer for Web Services is a graphical client program, developed as a Grid Web Services Project (xgws), at the Extreme! Labs of Indiana University. It does workflow composition, monitoring, and more, by providing a GUI to compose workflows from Web Services described in WSDL. The composed workflow can be exported to workflow languages, where BPEL and Jython Scripts are supported currently.

Source code of XBaya can be checked out here:

XBaya is included in the OGCE Portal of the OGCE Collaboration.

More Information:
Interpreting Workflow Scripts
The wiki page for XBaya
Information on workflow can be found here.

The Open Grid Computing Environments Portal and Gateway Toolkit [The OGCE collaboration]

This contains the collection of components including, OGCE Portal, Workflow Suite, Axis Web Services, GTLAB, OGCE Gadget Container, and Cyberaide.

OGCE Portal Capabilities include Grid credential management, Secure remote file management and code execution, Views of Grid information services such as machine load, usage, and queue wait time, and Workflow composer (XBaya).

It requires Java SDK 1.5 or higher and should be installed on Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X operating systems.
Portal toolkit 2.4 can be downloaded as a tarball here.
You may also checkout the source using
svn co


  1. Hi, Is there any way to download the source code of Xbaya?

  2. Yes, XBaya is now integrated as Apache Airavata. Pls download it from

  3. Thanks Kathiravelu. I am trying to develop an Eclipse plugin similar to XBaya. Can you provide me some guidance?

  4. Hi,
    Subscribe to and send your queries to They will assist you on this.


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