Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today morning, while trying to log into my irc account on freenode using xchat, I was getting the message,
"(notice) *** Banned: You have a host listed in the DroneBL. For more information, visit Please contact with questions. "
The message was repeating itself, as it tried to connect with different Freenode servers.

So I visited
It was saying
"There have been listings for the host, found in DroneBL. To get removed from our DNSBL, you will need to address all of these incident listings.

I got it! Since we are given dynamic IP from the service provider (Sri Lanka Telecom), an abusive usage of someone else has caused this trouble to me. I used the request removal option.

Removal results for
You are requesting the delisting of incident 532599 involving Please confirm that you are human.

It was quick and removed the ban promptly, without any fuss.
Removal results for
This incident has been removed from the DroneBL. Please make sure that you have fixed your problem, or it will reappear here. Have a great day.
You may have other incidents in DroneBL reported, in which case you will need to remove them.

I learned more about DroneBL from its blog. "DroneBL is a realtime monitor of abusable IPs, which has the goal of stopping abuse of infected machines."


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  2. Hi!

    I was getting the exact same messages today in Xchat and I followed the steps for delisting. But the messages still persist. Any idea how I can fix this?

  3. Hi Muhaafiz,
    Are you sure that the IP got banned by DroneBL and not by the other similar services like Spamhaus, as they have their own steps listed.

    If you are quite sure that you followed the correct steps listed here or on the DroneBL site, pls feel free to contact DroneBL via irc irc:// or the mailing list, as they will always be ready to remove your ban promptly if you ask so.


  4. Thanks for your help. The isuue has been resolved now.

    Oh and by the way, nice blog! It's great to see the free software flag flying high in Sri Lanka!


  5. I am happy that your issue has been resolved.
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  6. I was listed on 8 Aug. I found out about it on 9 Aug (I was away for the weekend). After requesting removal, using their procedure, I visited their IRC channel, hoping to find someone who could point me to information on HOW I got listed, by WHO, and on what evidence. After an immediate polite query, I was accused of having installed mIRC scripts, and the person I was referred to responded to the referrer saying not to do that as he had more important things to do than deal with administrative issues, and he then pointed me back to the activity log, which provided no useful information. I was able to discover that an RPC2 call was something that "someone" used to submit my IP to the list - in other words, it's not an automatic process, the way that (say) SpamCop's is. I was provided with no evidence, and when I indicated that such a handling method was inappropriate, and that I would recommend that the network that used them to block me should stop using this list BECAUSE of those reason, I was told that the network operator wouldn't do it because he was a good friend of the dronebl "administrator" that I was talking to - and then I was promptly banned from dronebl's irc network (k-line for 10080 minutes).

    I cannot recommend that this dnsbl be used, as it is readily susceptible to falsified listings and provides no evidence to permit determination of the actual problem or a trail of evidence to permit correction of misunderstanding with the individual submitting an IP for listing on this list.

  7. Hi Jeff,
    I am sorry that you have had some bad time with DroneBL. I guess the similar sites like DroneBL have their own limitations and difficulties as well.

    False positives are not rare in the internet security and it seems unfortunately you have become a victim.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I really appreciate it.
    Hope you will overcome this soon.


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