Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Summer of Code - Initial Stage

For a student interested in Open Source project activities, Google Summer of Codes is really a wonderful opportunity, where he is allowed to spend his summer (this is of course not a summer vacation at Sri Lanka and many other countries), in his preferred way while earning a considerable amount of money. Google Summer of Codes is considered a real world working experience in the Software industry. That is, we are of course considered working in an open source project for the three months, yet paid by Google.

4th of March, while I was trying to find a place to do some localization, I got the idea of localizing Abiword into ta-LK (Tamil-Sri Lanka). There is a Tamil localization which is partially completed (ta-IN, Tamil-India). I later got an idea of giving my support in localizing the missing words. But finally settled for a fresh localization of ta-LK, which is, of course, still in very initial stage.

By that time, I had already started to jump into the possible open source community mailing lists, those can be the possible Google Summer of Codes Mentoring Organizations. WSO2, my training organization, Abiword, and OMII topped my lists. Abiword mostly matched my personal interests, where I could find some Unicode related project ideas. I was able to find some scientific workflows related projects in OMII, which matched my experience at WSO2, during my internship, with the project tryLEAD - LEAD Services.

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