Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Summer of Code - Challenges

At that time, uwog's MSVC build was missing the menus. There was a minor issue in compiling, which I was able to fix with sum1's patch. Since this was not a sane build, as it is now, I was searching for alternatives, where I found robsta's cross-building suggestions on a mail thread. The cross-building was not supported and tested for a long time. Still robsta was kind enough to provide me support so that I was able to fix a minor issue, and successfully build Abiword for windows Using Ubuntu 8.04/Wine.

During this period, I was able to interact with many abiword developers and each of them were really friendly and helpful to me. In most of the cases, I sent personal mails as the reply to their suggestions and helps on mailing lists, unless my reply will be useful to the developers or the other potential students to avoid mail flooding, which I usually DO in the mailing lists.

By this time, the Application deadline has come, and the cross-building was also successful. Apart from the "Porting Abiword Windows to Unicode", I applied for another project idea, "Better support for borders and shadings", which was suggested by robsta in the IRC. I wrote the proposal for the second idea only the last day. I was planning to use libccss for this project, as the drawing tool. libccss can be downloaded here.

My project proposals for the both ideas can be found here and here.

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