Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Initial Progress - gsoc2009unicode

Yes. The coding started last month (23rd of May), and today is 4th of June. I have started coding and practically this is somewhat like a first-run, where I port to unicode, the classes one by one, and commit as I port. I will have to go into a second-run, after this fast-phase porting. During this fast phase, I have been working towards making some A* and T* towards W*, and *str* becomes *wcs*. That is a lovely W postfix. ;) The second phase would be, pointing out the issues of my porting and fixing them towards a unicode build.

And an "unrelated" comment, we got the first batch of allowance (500$), during the end of the last month. :)

Happy coding to all. Have a nice time with your projects!
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