Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Summer of Code so far

3rd to 21st of April was an intermediate period trying to find alternate ways for windows build, where 16th of April I successfully cross-built using wine. However I dropped the idea of MinSYS/MinGW build in the middle, as I found cross-building pretty cool. 21st of April, the best news, yes, I got selected for the Google Summer of Codes!

My mentor immediately wished me and the other Summer of codes participants also wished me at IRC. Abiword is a nice place to have the Summer of Codes, where we are considered regular developers, and not just students.

27th of April, uwog created gsoc2009unicode branch for me, and helped me setting the password using ssh. 4th of May I did my first commit, which fixed the cross-building. So that commit was actually the patch I developed for the minor change to enable cross-building during the application period.

19th of May, I started to commit the changes I made to the code, and the new classes. Jordi Mas' initial effects on this project were a good reference for me. 23rd of May, the coding period began officially.

Now we have completed a month, expecting a nice mid term evaluation.
Have a nice time with Abiword.

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