Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Google Summer of Code

Yesterday we had a Google Summer of Code awareness session at IESL auditorium. I gave an introduction to Google Summer of Code in the event. My presentation is given above.

Feel free to drop a comment here if you need any clarification or further assistance; join the gsocers' group of your country and start interacting with the GSoCers. :) 

Update: Pls find the latest revised version of this presentation at 


  1. Very useful presentation for new comers to GSoC.. Well done..!!! :)

  2. Nice presentation.

    I have couple of questions.

    Shall we take the complexity of a GSOC project(independent of organization acca ASF..) as equals to 1/4 of CSE final year project(i.e It is group work minimum with 4 member)?

    And In SL How the industry recognize g soc(vs GPA) ?

  3. Ajanthan,
    You are trying to reach GSoC with a *different* motivation.

    yes, may be; but complexity depends on the project you choose and how are you going to do/complete it. You can just pass the program (as most of us..;)) or take it forward to the next level. So it is over to you.

    Don't try to measure everything on GPA scale.. :)

  4. Thanks for the presentation ayiya, it was really informative.

  5. Thankz aiya really a nice presentation. There were everything which are helpful to the beginners and i hope to participate this time(2011) :)

  6. Thanks friends,
    We did a similar session at University of Peradeniya as well. You can find the slides at (basically the same slides with some additions).


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