Friday, December 31, 2010

A few things that made my 2010 interesting..

2010 is my best year so far, followed by 2004. Several interesting events made the year interesting and unique - and hence the year deserves an appreciation post. This post summarizes the remarkable events of the year.

1. Job Interviews.
The final days of the final semester were full of interviews. We all secured our jobs even before we completed the final semester. 

2. Joining WSO2 as a Software Engineer.
On the 13th of September, a Programmer Day (256th day of every year, September 13th or the 12th on leap years). 

3. 5th year WSO2 Anniversary Celebrations on September 17th.
Almost instantly after we joined.

4. My physics teacher's 60th birthday.
And meeting friends after a long time.

5. CSE Seminar at Jaffna.
Our department organized these islandwide seminars and I was responsible for Jaffna together with my friends.

6. Graduating from BSc (Eng)
With first-class honors!

7. Getting a Passport
All set for 10 years!

8. Mooshabaya, our final year project
We are a team of 4.

9. Mooshabaya paper in MGC workshop
Good to have our paper in a Middleware workshop.

10. Presenting Mooshabaya
I presented our final year project in the department. It was successful. We received A+.

11. 4.0 GPA in the final semester.
This semester single-handedly increased my final GPA to 3.80.

12. Nightly walks in the Flower Road and the nearby lanes.
After work, walk back to the bus stop.

13. GSoC with OMII-UK
My 2nd GSoC, working with the OMII-UK's project, OGSA-DAI.

14. A conclusion to 4 years at UoM.
And reflecting how it all went.

15. Working on WSO2 Stratos
It is the brand new cloud platform from WSO2.

16. CS&ES Conference
To mark the 25 years of CSE.

17. Rebranding of my blog Llovizna.
This is the year I got serious about my blog.

18. First flight abroad
We went to Paris, with a layover in Oman - with Oman Air!

19. Presenting our paper in SoCPar 2010
I presented our work at Universite Cergy Pontoise.

20. Enjoying my first snow in Paris
Who expected that we will be in Paris during one of its coldest winters in history.

21. Wine tasting in Paris
It was fun to taste so many varieties of wines. 

22. Paris by night
Paris was already ready for Christmas in early December.

23. Sticking with Abiword as a committer.
I remained a committer and helped onboard new contributors to Abiword through GSoC.

24. Meals at Dinemore
It had become a daily routine at work.

25. Europe with friends
Although I have been on several trips, a journey abroad is special.

26. Enjoying the beaches and temples of Jaffna
Jaffna peninsula has some good beaches.

27. Organizing computer science workshops in Jaffna schools.
It was also fun to give computer lessons to enthusiastic school kids.

28. Feeling different compared to previous years.
Now that it is the 2010s. A new start, perhaps.

29. Jaffna university
It was good to spend a day at another university.

30. The French cuisine in Paris.  
Especially, the rabbit cooked in white wine and foie gras.

Thanks for reading my list until the end. I also hope to continue this practice of writing an the upcoming years as well. Happy new year everyone.

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