Thursday, May 20, 2010


The beauty of the Google Summer of Codes is, it never comes on a summer of Sri Lanka. Especially this time, it has come in a heavy rainy days. And parallel to the final semester of our undergraduate studies. It should be noted that Sri Lankan students still enjoy the 'Summer' with Google, and again we reached the list of top 10 as the country.

We recently had the first summer of codes 2010 meetup of Sri Lanka, at the Conference room of the Computer Science & Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa. Head of the department Mrs.Vishaka Nanayakkara, representatives from, and past and present GSoCers from the university as well as the other universities participated in the meetup, which went fine as an ice breaking session among the GSoCers. We discussed about increasing the participants from the country in the upcoming years. As a coincidence we had also created a google group gsoc-srilanka to promote GSoC in Sri Lanka. Feel free to join, if you are a Sri Lankan GSoCer (Student or mentor) or a FOSS enthusiast.

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