Saturday, May 29, 2010

OGSA-DAI - Coding with enthusiasm

As summer of codes officially started, I did my second commit on May 26th midnight (Sri Lankan time). In this commit, I have created the build and properties files of the client and server module. And wow, this commit has become the 1000th commit of OGSA-DAI. As an open source project OGSA-DAI has reached many mile stones and success stories in a relatively short period. Though we, GSoCers develop remotely from the mentors and the other developers, the super-friendly private/developer irc of OGSA-DAI always gives us the feeling of working in the same environment as the other developers  are.

1026 and 1030 became my third and fourth commits respectively, where 1026 was a minor fix on the wsdls, while 1030 fixed the namespace to package mapping based on the cxf -p option in the build.xml, which was handled by in the Axis presentation layer. Currently I am in the process of developing the client and the server, which will either be committed to the trunk as a huge commit or a huge list of tiny commits, in the upcoming week.

To get the patches of my progress so far, use the below command from ogsadai_home/presentation;
svn diff -r 994:${current} cxf > gsoc2010.diff
svn diff -r 1274:${current} rest > gsoc2010Rest.diff
svn diff -r 1261:${current} ../release-scripts/ogsa-dai/cxf > gsoc2010Release.diff
svn diff -r 1406:${current} ../release-scripts/ogsa-dai/rest > gsoc2010ReSTRelease.diff

or for Release Script, from ogsa-dai/trunk/release-scripts/ogsa-dai/
svn diff -r 1261:${current} cxf > gsoc2010Release.diff

gsoc2010.diff refers to the cxf/soap based layer patch, while gsoc2010Rest.diff refers to the ReSTful layer, where gsoc2010Release.diff refers to the release script.

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