Monday, November 29, 2010

On Llovizna itself..

Since I started my blog on the 11th of November, 2008, it has seen many posts - mostly my random thoughts or product updates under the name of a blog post. With recent enhancements of blogspot, we are able to view the mostly viewed posts by time (now, day, week, month, always), which I guess worth mentioning.. ;)

I should mention one point. The mostly viewed pages weren't the ones that I took much time to write, nor the ones that I wrote with much care. Viewers decide what to view, themselves.. :D

Update as on the 6th of May, 2012.

Auto Scaling With Amazon EC2 [Feb 1, 2011]
How to apply/create an svn patch (for beginners [Apr 1, 2009]
how to ignore someone you love [Apr 24, 2011]
SVN Commit in windows [Could not use external edi... [Mar 28, 2009]
Google Summer of Code 2012 [Dec 18, 2011]


  1. If I had more expertise I would read more. Do you have a more personal blog about your life and experiences?

  2. I too thought of having a personal blog, and started a blog last year to post random stuff in Tamil and English.
    But later I lost interest in maintaining it, and thought of maintaining only this blog (Llovizna). After all, there is nothing much going on around me at the moment, except my projects and work.

    Hope to write some personal stuff too in this blog next year. Thanks for your thought. :) :)



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