Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 Crazy Twitter Rules!

I am not a rule maker or a big-guy to create rules for Twitter. But the following are a collection of my random tweets tagged as 'Twitter rules', which I tweeted from 6th of May, 2010 till late 2011. It doesn't mean, I complete with these 8. I will create more rules later.. :P

Twitter Rule #8: If you want your tweet to be retweeted, avoid ending it with #fb

Twitter Rule #7: Keep ur acc. open, unless u have a valid reason to keep it as a closed acc. #Twitter is supposed to be open unlike facebook

Twitter Rule #6: Use @ and # often and wisely. # (#hashtag) gets u wider audience through #search. @ helps u reach the correct @audience.

Twitter Rule #5 I often search for your pic for a tweet. So better do RT@ instead of retweeting.. ;) <- Profile picture as online identity.

Twitter Rule #4: Don't make your followers to search your profile for the Twitter Rule #3 you tweeted a looong time ago..

Twitter Rule #3: hu sed tweets or its rules shud b in proper Engliz? sometimes RULES r like thizz too. twitter zn't an offize item! jajaja..

Twitter Rule #2: Take a break between two tweets to make sure your tweets are read. Replies & RTs are exceptions.

Twitter Rule #1: Do NOT follow stars and politicians. Their tweets won't be useful to u, and they will never follow u or listen to ur tweets

[Rule8's explanation: Tweets those end with #fb tag will become a Facebook status for the "selective tweet (ST)" users. so those who use ST, can't retweet freely.]

Pls tolerate the sms-style-English. The rules are copied directly from my own twitter account, hence the 140 characters limit.

Snapbird is a great tool to search the tweets.

http://www.idfromuser.com/ is a service that lets you find the user id from the twitter user name. Twitter ID might be useful in many cases, like getting the feed url.

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