Friday, November 18, 2011

3 Most Annoying Status Updates in Facebook!

Expressing love for their dad!
1) Tribute over the Facebook.
"May I ask a personal favor, only some of you will do it (and I know who you are). If you know someone who has fought cancer and passed away, or someone who is still fighting, please add this to your status for 1 hour as a mark of respect and remembrance, I hope I'm right about the people who will.. Let's save the world from cancer by posting.. ♥"

Come on! You are NOT contributing anything by posting/re-posting that stupid status for 1 hour. Just annoying the users over the Facebook. To make it worse, somehow these posts tend to become famous and spread like Viruses. You can even notice the 50+ likes, and believe me. These guys have never shown love to the cancer patients outside Facebook!

2) Stupid claims 97%
"All of us have a thousand wishes. To be thinner, have more money, a new phone. A cancer patient only has one wish, to kick the cancer . I know that 97% of you won't post this as your status, but my friends will be the 3% that do. In honor of someone who died, or is FIGHTING cancer, post this for at least one hour." 

"NO.. I have heard about many cancer patients who had greater wishes.. for their family or even for the country.. The above status is just an insult to cancer patients.. ewwww... :("

3) I love my brothers (over the facebook)!
<- When some one starts to love his/her parents, siblings, spouses, friends, etc *using* facebook.

People are such sweet hearts (by caring everyone and love them by facebook (errr...) and posting statuses that make no sense at all!) :P

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