Friday, November 25, 2011

A tribute to DZone..

Everyone into the information technology knows that DZone is a good way to find and read the quality articles or blog posts. The recent MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) program is yet another addition to the services provided by DZone, with interesting zones such as Cloud Zone, Architect Zone, and many more. With the success of the concept of the zones, DZone started to introduce many microzones such as HTML5 Zone, DevOps Zone, and a few others.

MVB not just merely re-posts a content as it is. But it formats and makes it better, prior to posting it, if necessary.

The below is an example:

You can see DZone has actually improved the readability of the content by proper styling and syntax highlighting.

I encourage and recommend everyone who takes pride on their technology blogs to become an MVB. Nothing is encouraging than having our thoughts to reach a wider audience. Long live DZone!

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