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WSO2 StratosLive ~ An Enterprise Ready Java PaaS

Fig 1. landing page.
What is StratosLive?
StratosLive is a Platform as a Service, which is the public deployment of the WSO2's Cloud Middleware Platform Stratos-1.5.1.

As the successor of WSO2 Stratos - 1.0.0 public cloud set up, WSO2 StratosLive has been released with much new and more improved features, including Billing, throttling, service aware dynamic load balancing, more improved autoscaling, logging, and much more improved user experience, targeting the architects, SaaS developers, enterprises, researchers, and for any one who needs an enterprise SOA middleware platform as a service.

Starting with StratosLive
Fig 2. Sign in page
 You can register a tenant at StratosLive, which includes a free demo, SMB (Small Medium Business), Professional, and Enterprise usage plans based on the needs of your enterprise. Pricing information can be found here. You have to pick a usage plan during the tenant registration. However, you can simply upgrade or downgrade your account based on your requirements later.

You might register a tenant, or login using your Google Apps Account. Let's see how to register a tenant  in StratosLive. 

Registering a tenant
Fig 3. Registering a tenant.
Now let's register a tenant for your organization in StratosLive (Fig 3).  First you have to pick a domain name for your tenant. An admin account will be created along with the tenant creation. Your username will be in the form of admin-name@domain-name. So that should be the username to be used to log in to your account. Pls note, it should not be confused with your email address.

Domain Validation
Fig 4. Domain Validation
If you are the owner or the admin of the domain, you should consider validating the domain during the registration time (Fig 4), such that you can be sure that your tenant will always be associated to your domain, preventing others from claiming your domain. However domain validation is optional, and can be done later, once you have registered and signed in.

Email Validation
Fig 5. Successfully Registered

After giving the information required, you can click 'Submit' to proceed with registering. Once you have successfully registered (Fig 5), a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address provided by you during the registration, within a minute or two.

Click the link provided in the mail. That will confirm your email address and validate your account (Fig 6).  Pls note, unlike the domain validation, email validation is mandatory to log in and use your tenant account in StratosLive. So pls make sure to find the mail and validate your account, soon. If you did not receive the mail, check whether that ended up in the spam folder. If it is not even there, you might consider contacting WSO2 Support or the StratosLive forum.

Logging in

Fig 6. Successfully Validated
Once validated, you can get back to the log in page (Fig 1 / Fig 2) and log in using your username (adminName@domainName) and password.

After logging in, you will be able to see the list of WSO2 Stratos Services, basically the entire Carbon middleware platform as services, from the dashboard of WSO2 Stratos Manager (Fig 7).

StratosLive Manager and Services
Fig 7. StratosLive manager home.
Now you have more to explore. You can always use the services, as you usually do with the Carbon based products, without feeling any change, with the luxury of having it for you free or with the pay-as-you-go model in the clouds, paying only for what you use. You will be able to access your services from anywhere and everywhere, without bothering to take your computer and services with you.

So still reading? Try it yourself! Sign-up an account NOW!

WSO2 Summer School 2011
As usual, this year too, WSO2 had the Summer School, a series of webinar sessions, tailor-made to fit the enterprise architects, CTOs, developers of the cutting edge technologies using SOA middleware, cloud computing, and more. 
The Session on WSO2 PaaS

Summer School 2011 session on "Platform-as-a-Service, The WSO2 way" is a useful resource to learn more about StratosLive and PaaS. Listen to the Summer School webinar here. You may download the presentation slides from here.

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