Sunday, August 14, 2011

WSO2 StratosLive ~ An Enterprise Ready Java PaaS - II

We looked into WSO2 StratosLive and registered a tenant in the first part of this series of blog posts. Read the first post in WSO2 StratosLive - An Enterprise Ready Java PaaS, if you have missed it. We have seen how the WSO2 Carbon based products are offered as Services in WSO2 Stratos. In simpler terms, we have a platform - that is Carbon, which is offered as a Platform as a Service. 
New Services
WSO2 Complex Event Processing as a Service and WSO2 Message Broker as a Service are two new services that are included into StratosLive with this new release. 

What is New?
Better metered and billing support to throttle the usage based on the tenant usage plan.

Tenant and service aware distributed logging that enables the tenants to view their logs only for each of the services, along with the global logging for super tenants
Fig 1. Installing the shopping cart sample.
HTTPD style log collection for the WSO2 Load Balancer - Hence the removal of the apache httpd servers fronting the Stratos services.

Integrated samples, improved documentation and the screencasts.

Tenant data storage mode - Scaling up databases, and NoSQL. 

SaaS web applications support.

Registry based repository implementation based on registry eventing.

Fig 2. Shopping Cart Sample High Level Diagram

Versioning and incremental updates.

Tenant programming model & documentation. 

Google auth integration.

The All New WSO2 Load Balancer fronting the services handling the load balancing and the autoscaling of the system according to the load.

These are a few notable improvements, new features, or additions into StratosLive (based on Stratos-1.5.1), from its predecessor WSO2 Cloud Services (based on Stratos-1.0.0).

Shopping Cart Sample
Fig 3. Solution Architecture of Shopping Cart App
We often use Shopping Cart Sample that comes bundled with Stratos, for the tenants to install and use, to explain the platform aspect of Stratos. Shopping Cart sample is one of the simplest samples that explains how Stratos can be used as a platform solution for your Software as a Service needs, as the shopping cart sample can be considered an application as a service that runs on top of the Stratos platform as a service, giving an essence of the Stratos Services.

For a detailed discussion on the solution architecture of the Shopping Cart Sample and the overall platform aspect of StratosLive PaaS, pls refer to the post the follows WSO2 StratosLive - An Enterprise Ready Java PaaS - III

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