Thursday, December 1, 2011

[Google Code-In 2011] Localizing Haiku

This year, I joined Haiku as a mentor for Google Code-in (GCI) 2011. This is specific to the GCI-2011 task that I have been mentoring for the localization of Haiku operating system. I will post about GCI in a more generic post for the wider audience soon.

Get used to the system
Make sure that you follow the localization guidelines specific to the project. For the Haiku localizations with the Haiku Translation Assistant (HTA), make sure to pick the correct language from the drop-down in the right hand side, under the label "Start Translating in..." If you are going to translate Haiku into Tamil, make sure to pick "Tamil". Also make sure that you have logged into the HTA before starting localization.

For example, if you are translating,

But if you are trying to translate

Join the relevant localization lists to get more information on the localization efforts for the particular project.
[Haiku i18n mail address -].

Translate only the strings. Not the notes below.
For example,
Note: A small radio device to receive short text messages
Translate only "Pager". Not the "Note:" below.

When refreshing the page, HTA sometimes tend to reset itself to en_US. Hence make sure that you are not trying to locale en_US (for example, say Tamil - ta).

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