Friday, December 30, 2011

Google Code-In

The reach of Google Code-In (GCI) is relatively lower in Sri Lanka (probably in other countries too), than its sister program Google Summer of Code. One major reason can be, the age group of 13 - 17 (pre-university students) is not much into programming, over generally into computers, like the university students of 18+ do, in third world countries like Sri Lanka. However, more importantly, the word is yet to be spread, regarding GCI, I feel.

This presentation resembles the Google Summer of Code presentation, I prepared for AbiWord/GSoC, in its style. This is based on my experience as a mentor for Haiku in Google Code-In 2011. Hence the examples used in this presentation are mostly from Haiku. I hope, this presentation will be useful to any student as an introduction to Google Code-In.

Special thanks to Krasimir Petkov, GCI mentor (Haiku) for his valuable input at several times, in shaping this presentation up.

An updated, GCI-2012 presentation is available here.

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