Saturday, June 9, 2012

Building WSO2 Carbon from source

If you are looking to build WSO2 Carbon based products such as WSO2 ESB, Stratos, and the entire WSO2 Carbon platform, you have found the correct article. Just follow the below steps, to build the trunk.
Checkout orbit, kernel, and platform. 

Build in the order (orbit -> kernel -> platform), using maven3. 
mvn clean install


  1. Hi Kathiravelu,

    What is orbit?
    What is kernel?
    What is platform?

  2. Hi Chris,
    You may see these as the levels of abstraction or layers (orbit->kernel->platform). Orbit being the centre, Kernel (being analogous to what is known as a kernel in the operating systems) provides the core of the Carbon middleware. Platform provides the highest layer, which includes the components, features, and the products that are built on top of the Carbon Kernel. Hence, you have to make sure to build in the same order suggested.

    You should be able to locate much related articles on this from the WSO2 documentation.



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