Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moments with Twitter - II

This post continues from my previous post, Moments with Twitter..  I just noticed the "Embed This Tweet" option provided by Twitter, that copies the tweet with formatting. However, I was just copy-pasting the tweets here.

#Google #hoaxes - Really funny. Jun 20, 2010  
Google never fails to amuse the users with its easter eggs and April fool hoaxes

Seems a nice collection: Jun 21, 2010  
This is indeed a useful collection, with theses from multiple academic institutes.

sleepless night at Paris.. ;) Dec 08, 2010
This tweet is indeed remarkable. This was my first tweet from abroad, during my visit to Paris for SoCPar2010.

wanna discuss more about Google Summer of Code with other enthusiasts and students from Sri Lanka? Join #gsoc-lk at irc:// Feb 10, 2011  
We created an irc (along with the mailing list, which is quite popular among the students) for the Sri Lankan students to discuss the GSoC among themselves. During the Summer of Code student application period, this room gets a bit of traffic, while remaining passive during the other days of the year.

If #Microsoft had Invented ... ;) Jun 25, 2011  
We always enjoy a good set of jokes at Microsoft, as Linux fans. Not that we hate Microsoft. It is just we too love fun and a good laugh.

You and Your Research - Oct 16, 2011
This is again a good read for the future researchers.

An interesting journey around the world.. Jan 14, 2012  
This includes a nice set of photos taken around the world, by an artist.

Google Summer of Code Workshop in Poland - #GSoC Mar 29, 2012
This workshop from Poland reminded me the Google Summer of Code awareness sessions we had allover the country. We had 5 for GSoC 2012, and 2 for GSoC 2011.

Anti patterns - May 29, 2012  
Learning anti patterns is more fun than learning patterns. It is more like learning from your own mistakes. It is also suggested that one should learn anti patterns before learning patterns, for the efficient use of the patterns. In any case, anti patterns are fun.

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