Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moments with Facebook..

After the successful blog post Moments with Twitter and its sequel Moments with Twitter - II, I wanted to write a similar one on my moments with Facebook. But it didn't turn up that easy. 

Most of the stuff that I have shared over the Facebook were in the form of useful links, along with my thoughts around them, similar to Twitter. The recent shift to the Facebook timeline made it hard to locate the links that one already shared. A few applications might help you find the links that you recently posted, or let you search them. FindMyLinks is such an application. I used an application named "My Facebook Links" to find my links. It lets you sort your links, which makes it easier. It even lets you go to the original post, or re-upload (re-share) the link.

You can easily find your Facebook notes, by appending /notes to your profile url. That means, I can find I Facebook notes at Most of the users (probably including myself) have limited the access to their notes to "Friends only". Hence, you can view your friend's notes, and the notes that your friend is tagged in, by appending /notes to their profile url, as above, based on the permissions set. For others the above link will just redirect to the profile of the user. I used to write quite a few Facebook notes and tag my friends in them during 2009 and early 2010, which I stopped after refurbishing Llovina, as I found it reaching a wider audience.

Unlike Twitter, I post more private (not so private though) material in Facebook, as status messages. From the information point of view, Twitter always wins. I don't think the links I have posted on Facebook would deserve a blog post on them itself, as they were mostly significant only during the time that I shared. I share the links to the music, videos, pictures, photos, or news items that I enjoyed. Usually I share the links to my important blog posts. I used to post the blog posts as notes to Facebook, which I later stopped to avoid data duplication over the Internet!

On a related note, I rarely use Google+, which I just use to share the blog posts that I write here. I have a very well maintained professional LinkedIn profile. However, I rarely share any links on them. An interesting feature of LinkedIn is it lets you view who viewed your profile, to a limited extend on Basic (free) profiles, and completely in the Business and Execute profiles, which are paid ones. Hence I have no interest or plan to write similar blog posts dedicated to Google+ or LinkedIn.

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