Thursday, July 26, 2012


The school or the university days are like living in an incubator. Then comes the real world, where 1000x people are there to confuse than motivate. Being independent helps. In times, we have received the flood of praises, and sometimes, the situation is reversed. While taking the message, we should keep moving on, without reacting much. Self-motivation is always the key. I can list one more - keeping the expectations low from others, while having the highest expectations from one's own self. (I will be satisfied, if I do, what I expect myself to be doing.)

To love or to judge
The world is full of judges and critics. It is not very difficult to find someone who can judge you, but it may be extremely difficult to have someone who loves without judging. Unlike in exams, we are evaluated each minute in the real world. Either you be smiling, or faking a smile to not appear someone who whines always. Labeling someone as an addict, pervert, or stupid is not effective in any way. Nevertheless, we can actually point the specific incident and help him do the corrective measures to overcome the addiction or problem. No one is the same always. 

I have read somewhere - that in a cooperate world, the minimum overall rank an employee is given in a review is always 3 (meets expectations), in a 1 - 5 scale. This is to avoid demotiving the employees with the lower ratings. If you are rated 3 in an organization that adheres to those suggestions, be informed that you are ranked the least. :-)

Nevertheless, an effort is never wasted. Though the immediate outcome may not be positive, an honest effort on something always provides a long term gain.

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