Friday, October 5, 2012

Lisbon - Week6

Arraial Do Tecnico at IST
[5/10/2012] - So the month of September is completed. Now into a new month.

Quotes from the lecturers!
The lectures are going pretty interesting. Some quotes from the lecturers are really wonderful and deserve sharing here.  
"If you think that way, the rocket to the moon is a glorified firework" - Our Cloud Computing Professor.
"Human nature - That is difficult to understand" and
"Small world, it's difficult to accept as being similar to reality"
- Our Peer-to-Peer Systems professor.
I am enjoying the analogies and thoughts shared by the professors at Instituto Superior Técnico.. ♥

Arraial Do Tecnico
IST by night
We had one of the most famous annual open music concerts of Lisbon, at IST last night and tonight. We enjoyed the music, and broke ice with many other local and exchange students. The night was colourful. We were listening to some nice music from José Malhoa, Dirtyphonics and a few other bands. I am becoming a fan of José Malhoa.

La Isla Bonita..
Everyone who has been an exchange student surely would have experienced the feeling of missing his country at times. This might have been considered a 'cultural shock,' but it is not. You can still miss your home country, while enjoying your stay at the host country, as an exchange student. Unlike the migration, where you usually migrate to another country with your entire family, an exchange student goes to another country, leaving his or her family and loved ones at the home country. 

The minor things that we did with our family or significant others will be truly missed. In one way, it gives some strong life experiences. Exchange programs are not just learning the course modules. It lets us learn to adopt to a new world, and to value our relationships. I surely had a nice time in Sri Lanka, the beautiful island, and truly miss it, and the memories I had there. It will be one happy day, when I return to my country, with an academic success.

I smiled even during the most challenging times, and made many interesting and tough decisions single-handedly, this year. I am strong in my journey. 2012 is a beautiful year. Smile!

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