Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lisbon - Week9

Brigadeiro - A Brazilian sweet mix, made of
condensed milk and butter
[25/10/2012] We have completed six weeks at IST, and are currently busy with the projects.

Two months!
I usually live a life, something similar to that of a kids' fantasy movie. While completing my second month at Lisbon, I thank Instituto Superior Técnico, KTH - Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, and the EMDC Consortium for the great EMDC program, and my special thanks goes to my mom who supports me in all my crazy decisions. :-) It's a great pleasure to study at IST from a great staff and a wonderful set of friends. I always recall the blessings of Vishaka madam, Shehan Sir, Chandana Sir, and the staff of University of Moratuwa (UOM), which always give me a very strong positive energy. The greetings and prayers of the good people are always a great strength. I still recall the 19th of August, when I said goodbye to my friends. Just taking a moment to thank everyone who are with me during all the tough times.

Right now, Lisbon is really wet and cold! Rainy days. Have a look at the web site of the weather station at IST. Thank god, it is not that cold (yet)! Anyway, not to compare with the world's coldest spots, such as Oymyakon or Grise Fiord. I guess, Stockholm will be closer. Boa noite!

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