Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lisbon - Weeks 30 & 31

Cooking in Lisboa!
[30/03/2013] - This week comes with the Easter vacation, which was not really a vacation, as we had projects to be completed for the checkpoint.

[29/03/2013] For the past few days this week, I have been cooking myself, and interestingly, it came out pretty well. Within 3 days since I started cooking, I have even started to cook without a recipe. So much win, and yet another mission successful of the year 2013. There is a Nepal restaurant (Restaurante Kathmandu) close to my apartment which has a good Chicken mango curry. So I decided to try and cook it. 

The mango recipe of Fish or Chicken are pretty simple. First you cook Chicken in Coconut milk without adding spices (no curry powder or chilli powder), except onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger etc, and eventually start adding Mango milkshake, as the chicken is cooked. Mango milkshake was made with one mango, two cups of yoghurt, some milk, a little salt, and a tablespoon lime juice as the ingredients. The final flavor of the sauce is mostly yummy mango. Cooking with coconut milk was just to cook the chicken long enough, without spoiling the mango flavor. So the only difference is, replacing the chilli powder/curry powder combination with the mango milkshake. Make sure the mango milkshake is not burnt. It easily gets burnt and sticks to the pan, as it is sugar. Adding it later to the pan helps avoiding this, while preserving the sweetness. I tried banana apple milkshake too. But Mango seems better. You should give a try to mango.
Fish Mango curry, Leaves curry, Carrot mango curry, and Rice in the image above. It was a huge success for the 3rd night of my cooking. Fish mango curry was a dish inspired from the Chicken mango of the Restaurante Kathmandu. However, I guess, I am the first to invent Fish Mango in this way.. :D Recipe (my own recipe.. haha..)

[27/03/2013] - We paid a quick visit to Obidos. It is a lovely neighbourhood. Regular bus services are available from Campo Grande of Lisboa, operated by Rodo Tejo. (Return trip, 2* 7.55 Euro). Obidos is famous for its ginga (cherry wine) in small chocolate cups. We had some fine ginga and played chess at Pousado Do Castelo.

[18/03/2013] - Freeport is a huge open shopping centre (centro comercial) situated in Alcochete, across the Tagus river, which can be reached by the bus 431 from Oriente, and many other means, pretty easily. The shopping centre was not that interesting, though it is considered to be the largest outlet in Europe. However the bus travel over the Vasco da gama bridge, which is considered the longest bridge in the Europe, was interesting.

3 months have already passed this year (almost!). Happiness, Excitement, Craziness, Sadness, Depression, and Stupidity - everything that comes in a mixture, slightly overdose, and that is my year 2013.

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