Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring is here..

[06/05/2013] Lisbon - Weeks 35 & 36: As usual stuff are getting warmer, lately. Both the weather as well as the Erasmus Life. Project deadlines reaching. May is a special month. In Sri Lanka, May comes with heavy showers. But it brings the spring flowers here, in Lisbon. Weather is changing.

[01/05/2013] Amidst the busy schedule, I was still able to have a day off, on the May day! We took a boat from Cais do Sodre to Cacilhas. From Cacilhas, we took a bus to Costa da Caparica, a magnificent beach town of Setubal district from the Almada neighbourhood, at the other end of the river. Finally, we took a bus to Lisbon - Arreiro, after enjoying(?!) the still-not-warm water of the beach. It is pretty interesting to see how the two sides of the river differ from each other, by the roads, architecture, and transportation. This was the first time I travelled across the 25th April bridge. Last time, it was over the Vasco da Gama bridge for Freeport.

Project deadlines are reaching. Hope we will get some time for a short break after the 10th of May, to enjoy the spring!

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