Friday, June 21, 2013

Lisbon - Week43

My posts at the zones, after a break!
[21/06/2013] - It has been a while since I wrote a weekly blog post on my stay at Lisbon. The last post was on Lisbon - Week29. Later I started writing fortnightly posts, or even once in three weeks, as I got busier with studies. As I have got some free time and content to write after the exams, here comes this weekly update.

Campo Pequeno
This week was full of movies, eating out, frequent drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe - Restauradores, varieties of hamburgers at h3 new hamburgology at Campo Pequeno, and some parties. I specifically enjoyed the movies at the Cinema City - Campo Pequeno. The City bar, adjoining the cinema city is very stylish and unique. It was unfortunate that I haven't watched any movies here previously, considering that Campo Pequeno is next metro station to the one close to my apartment (Saldanha), and also in a walking distance from my apartment. 

During this week, I managed to update my blog with some technical blog posts on Jikes RVM, something I researched for our AVExe group project. Most of these posts managed to get into the Architects Zone and Javalobby of DZone. I hope these posts will be of use for a bigger audience. Without the technical blog posts, recently my blog hits was facing a downfall. This helped me realize the readers of my blog.

In Sri Lanka, I have never enjoyed the cherries. It always has reminded me "Lama Panadol" (The Paracitamol brand made for the kids). However, I have started to enjoy the cherries in Lisbon. They are much fresher and sweeter here, naturally.

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