Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The exam days and the return of the summer..

Bird watching at Jardim da Esstrela
[12/06/2013] - Lisbon - Weeks 40, 41, & 42: Exam times. One more remaining. Among the 3 exams that are completed, we have already received the grades for two of them. We have also received all the project grades. It is interesting to note that we have got the highest grades for our Virtualization project. The project included research, internal mechanisms study (we studied MMTk and Optimization Compiler, and researched on the Garbage Collection), and development.

These three weeks were probably the busiest days we had so far in Lisbon. These days marked the project discussions, exam preparations, and exams. The summer is here; but it doesn't prevent the cold nights. Most of the nights still remain cold, though it is eventually getting warmer. I am really happy to see the day time getting longer. I can even see the sun light as late as 9 p.m.

The vacation days are reaching. We are awaiting some good time at Lisbon, after exam, before returning to our home countries, for the summer vacation.  Among all our batch mates, it seems I am the only one who is returning to IST/Lisbon for the final semester, for the thesis. Others are planning to have their thesis mostly in the companies or research labs in Sweden or elsewhere. I will miss them in the final semester. However, that is after the third semester, for which we all will be in KTH/Sweden.

My thesis will be at INESC-ID, supervised by Prof. Luis Antunes Veiga. I hope my second stay at Lisbon will be as interesting as the first stay, though I will miss most of the good friends that I made during the first year, including the EMDC friends. Let me see how it goes. 

端午節快乐 (Duānwǔ jié kuàilè) Happy Dragon Boat Festival.. ^_^

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