Sunday, July 7, 2013

Till I see you again..

Seagulls everywhere, just like our crows!
[29/06/2013] - We wanted to pay a quick visit to the south of Portugal following the visit to Porto, as we had initially planned a few weeks back. Since we were running out of time, we just wanted to make it a day trip. Our target was Lagos. Rede Express has a direct bus to Lagos, unlike the train which goes up to Faro, and requires changing to a urban train to Lagos. The bus went from Lisboa to Lagoa, Portimao, and finally reached Lagos. It took 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Beaches of Algarve are really popular. We preferred Lagos over Faro, as Faro gets a bit overcrowded during the summer. First we had a boat trip of an hour to the caves and cliffs of the region by a small boat, starting from the Lagos beach, for 10 Euro. It offered us a picturesque view. Our initial plan was to go on a dolphin visit (which costs 25 Euro) for 1.5 hours by boat. We were feeling dizzy after the boat ride, and had to drop our plan. But we realized, had we gone by a bigger boat, we wouldn't have felt that much uncomfortable.

Cliffs of Lagos
Meia Praia
We spent the rest of the evening under the shade in Meia Praia (half beach). We had to pay 6 Euro per shade, from 4 p.m onwards. But it worths it. The beach was warm. But was full of algae, which made us avoid having a bath or swim. I never had realized that the summer in the Europe gets this hot, to 40 °C.

Finishing Touches
[30/06/2013] - This evening was a bit tiresome and full of mixed feelings. I had a lots of things to throw. I put the clothes and shoes that I don't want to take back with me into the Humana Portugal bin. I hope they will be useful to someone in need.


My last dinner before leaving Lisbon was at my most favourite Restaurante Destino of Restauradores, with some sparkling wine. I feel like, my brain had lately started to function to just a limited extend. I already started to miss Lisboa. However, I am happy that my 10 months stay in Portugal was just perfect, and had nothing to regret. I realize how fast the time has gone, since the most remarkable eve of the new year. We are now saying good bye to the first half of 2013.

This is NOT the end
[01/07/2013] - Lisbon - Week 45: This is going to be the last post on the series "Lisbon - Weekxx" till I get back to Lisbon for my thesis, end of this year. Today was not so easy. In fact, it was one of the most difficult days in my life. Many of the things are left unwritten, as they are beyond the scope of Llovizna. I feel like missing everything. The day was full of tears, that I have never experienced before. Good bye Lisboa, till I see you again!

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