Friday, July 19, 2013

Erasmus Mundus Presentation at the University of Moratuwa

Today I gave an introductory talk to the Erasmus Mundus program for the final year students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. The presentation slides which complimented the discussion are given above, though the presentation doesn't capture much of the topics discussed in the session. I enjoyed doing the talk and the students showed great interest and involvement. 

This was a quick introduction to the Erasmus Mundus program, based on my personal experience with Erasmus Mundus after completing the first year of EMDC (European Master in Distributed Computing) at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon. My blog posts on my stay in Lisbon can be found here. Feel free to drop me a line, if you require further information on this.


  1. You are welcome. :) And, I blogged on the visa application process at a few months back. It may be useful, when you go through the visa application process.

  2. Hi, am hoping to join the EMDC program this year...and IST is my first destination. what is the IST page of EMDC?

  3. Hi, Welcome to EMDC.
    The EMDC/IST page is at,

    Anyway, you can find these links in this presentation (16th slide :))

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