Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lisbon, once more..

I cooked this wonderful Turkey meat curry
I realized, I didn't blog about my Erasmus Mundus adventures for a long time. This becomes the first post of the new year on my personal life in Lisboa. In fact, I had many interesting updates, where I didn't have time to sit and write them down. I came back to Lisbon on the 30th of December, after an eventful journey around the Nordic countries, using flight, cruise, trains, and trams. The new year celebrations in Lisbon reminded me the new year of 2013, as this was the second new year I had in Lisbon commercial square. I have started to work on my thesis, from INESC-ID, developing the distributed and concurrent cloud simulator. In the mean time, I enjoyed the second winter event of EMDC in Evora, Portugal.

Working from a cafe!
After a productive day at InescID, I was at a cafe next to SEF, metro station Parque. I opened my laptop and continued developing the next generation cloud simulator, whilst sipping the coffee. The gentleman at the cashier asked me something in Portuguese. I thought he was saying, "are you crazy or what?". I said, "sorry?" He asked me again in English, "Do you need the Internet connection?" AAAAAND BOOM.. I AM IN TEH INTERWEBS.. And the cafe has a much stronger internet than my room in the apartment. Long live the cafe, and the gentleman who gave me the access to the wifi, without even me asking. Probably you may see me around metro station Parque more often..

..and this strawberry milk shake.. :D
These days I often go to the "Community Canteen" of Instituto Superior Técnico Alameda to have a meal for 2.40 Euro, for either lunch or dinner. I realized, I miss the moments I had with my friends in Lisboa.. (Xiao's small talks, Qi Qi's questions, Zell's drawings, Orçun's slow-paced eating (which is slower than mine), discussing Romanian music with Tamás, Dipesh's vegetables, and Pushparaj's lunch box full of chillies.. :D) Lisbon is full of memories for me. I saw a few familiar faces in the Canteen. But apart from that, I am mostly alone in the canteen. Memories define a place. For me, Lisbon is full of memories.
I guess, there is a memory - location - people mapping. I will definitely miss the time I spent in Stockholm with the friends, when I go to Stockholm one day in the future. Without you guys around, Lisbon is not the same. Qi Qi says, this feeling is called 物是人非 in Chinese. Hope all of you guys have started your thesis in different corners of Europe..

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