Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A few things that made my 2014 interesting..

Night view of London
2014 is one of my favorite years. This post summarizes the top 30 events or memories of the year that made the year remarkable and special.

1. The accelerating year
The year started as a lazy year, and began to catch up and get more interesting and eventful during the last trimester.

2. A year strikingly similar to the year 2010
A sense of deja vu throughout the year. Many events reminded me the year 2010, probably a larger and more complicated version of the year 2010.

3. Shenzhen 2014 
A two-weeks summer-break in Shenzhen, China, just before my master thesis defence.

4. Grandma's 粽子 (Zòngzi)! 
So delicious! Also a tea party in Chinese style.

5. Paris, Once more 
This time it was summer, where last time in 2010 it was covered by thick snow, when 4 of us went as a group to SoCPaR 2010.

6. London 2014 - To present my second and final paper of my masters. 
London was great. Enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

7. Completion of my master studies
EMDC, which started in 2012, came to an end this year. It was generally successful, and I secured 16.69 out of 20 as the overall grade.

8. Cloud2Sim - My master thesis. 
It was pretty successful as well. Produced two papers, and a grade 18 out of 20.

9. EMDC Winter Event at Evora 
Compared to last year's event, this felt rather like a spring event. However, it was extra special, as I was informed about the EMJD-DC selection results. It was good to give some talk about EMDC life at KTH to the juniors too.

10. Starting of the PhD (EMJD-DC) 
This itself was a successful goal.

11. Google Summer of Code 2014 
I became a student after a long time. Last time, I was a student in 2010 with the EPCC of Edinburgh University, under the mentoring organization OMII-UK. This time too, with a university research lab - The Biomedical Informatics of Emory University.

12. Random walks
There was an overwhelming amount of randomness this year. For example, the random walks in London and random explorations in Portugal's coastal line.

13. RĀVAṆA - My initial PhD work. 
Hoping for better and larger contributions following this.

14. Ilha Deserta
Long summer day on a deserted island beach in the southernmost Portugal, in Faro.

15. The feeling of missing my friends 
We were a group. Then I came back to Portugal alone, end of last year. 

16. A short collaboration with UniPlaces
Though it was just for 1.5 months, due to my time constraints, enjoyed it a lot! This is an outcome of the open source work produced.

17. Random shopping in Lisboa, exploring more
Including some serious shopping. :D

Nice to have a faster one.
19. Beaches of Porto Covo.
It was a day long walk over the cliffs.

20. Obidos Chocolate Festival 
Óbidos is so romantic and sweet.

21. CSE Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring
It was an opportunity to meet the younger students and the staff. Since I am away from the country, I do a remote mentoring.

22. Fonte da Talha
The summer was pretty long. I was able to enjoy the beach till the early November.

23. Going "bankrupt". Twice! 
Immediately following the last year (end-of-year) Nordic countries trip, and also following this summer's Shenzhen - Paris mega trip. But who cares? I survived both times. :P

24. Presenting in a conference after a long time - MASCOTS 2014. 
Presented my paper after 4 years, again in Paris. This was the second time I was presenting my paper. Last time too, it was in Paris. This also was my first work alone (previous papers were outcomes of team works of 4 of us).

25. UCC 2014 - Presenting the full paper produced from my master thesis. 
The presentation was basically a slightly modified version of my master thesis defence. 

26. Carnivals in Portugal
Witnessed the one in Lisbon and also paid a visit to Torres Vedras. Sitges one was much wilder and better. :P

27. Deadlines - Paper submissions come with deadlines. 
Working till the deadlines, which often is around 5 a.m Lisbon time was interesting and resulted in a few sleepless or long nights.

28. Visa applications
I did not have to apply for any visas last year, as I did not travel outside the Schengen region. This year, I required visa for China and the UK. Visa applications again! The visa application is not something I really enjoy though. :P This year also marked my 10th country to visit (UK).

29. Clearing my GMail
It got like 6000 unread emails, just in the inbox, along with a million unread email in the other filters. Made the count to zero last month also deploying better email filters and labels. Now the email count has grown to 100+.

30. Planning the future
Also known as the year 2015. :P

Thanks for reading my list until the end. If you are really interested, you may also read the blog posts on my other years as well. I wish everyone of you a very happy new year. :)


  1. Visited this blog after long time. Good luck bro :)

    1. Thanks machan. I have visited your blog multiple times in the recent past. You still maintain your technology blog pretty active as a pure technology blog. :)


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