Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A few things that made my 2014 interesting..

It has become customary for me to write a summarizing blog post each year, with the title "A few things that made my ${year} interesting", summarizing the top 30 events or memories of the year that made the year remarkable and special, since 2012.

1. "The accelerating year" - The year started as a lazy year, and began to catch up and get more interesting and eventful during the last trimester.

2. A year strikingly similar to the year 2010 - A sense of deja vu throughout the year. Many events reminded me the year 2010, probably a larger and more complicated version of the year 2010.

3. Shenzhen 2014 - A two-weeks summer-break in Shenzhen, China, just before my master thesis defence.

4. Grandma's 粽子 (Zòngzi)! So delicious! Also a tea party in Chinese style.

5. Paris, Once more - This time it was summer, where last time in 2010 it was covered by thick snow, when 4 of us went as a group to SoCPaR 2010.

6. London 2014 - To present my second and final paper of my masters. London was great. Enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

7. Completion of my master studies - EMDC, which started in 2012, came to an end this year. It was generally successful, and I secured 16.69 out of 20 as the overall grade.

8. Cloud2Sim - My master thesis. It was pretty successful as well. Produced two papers, and a grade 18 out of 20.

9. EMDC Winter Event at Evora - Compared to last year's event, this felt rather like a spring event. However, it was extra special, as I was informed about the EMJD-DC selection results. It was good to give some talk about EMDC life at KTH to the juniors too.

10. Starting of the PhD (EMJD-DC) - This itself was a successful goal.

11. Google Summer of Code 2014 - I became a student after a long time. Last time, I was a student in 2010 with the EPCC of Edinburgh University, under the mentoring organization OMII-UK. This time too, with a university research lab - The Biomedical Informatics of Emory University.

12. Random walks - There was an overwhelming amount of randomness this year. For example, the random walks in London and random explorations in Portugal's coastal line.

13. RĀVAṆA - My initial PhD work. Hoping for better and larger contributions following this.

14. Ilhas Desertas - Long summer day on a deserted island beach in the southernmost Portugal, in Faro.

15. The feeling of missing my friends - We were a group. Then I came back to Portugal alone, end of last year. 

16. UniPlaces - Had a short term collaboration opportunity with this unique team. Though it was just for 1.5 months, due to my time constraints, enjoyed it a lot! This is an outcome of the open source work produced.

17. Random shopping in Lisboa, exploring more (including some serious shopping. :D).

19. A day long walk over the cliffs and beaches of Porto Covo.

20. Obidos Chocolate Festival 

21. CSE Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring - It was an opportunity to meet the younger students and the staff. Since I am away from the country, I do a remote mentoring.

22. Fonte da Talha - The summer was pretty long. I was able to enjoy the beach till the early November.

23. Going bankrupt. Twice! - Immediately following the last year (end-of-year) Nordic countries trip, and also following this summer's Shenzhen - Paris mega trip. But who cares? I survived both times. :P

24. Presenting in a conference after a long time - MASCOTS 2014. Presented my paper after 4 years, again in Paris. This was the second time I was presenting my paper. Last time too, it was in Paris. This also was my first work alone (previous papers were outcomes of team works of 4 of us).

25. UCC 2014 - This is the full paper produced from my master thesis. So the presentation was basically a slightly modified version of my master thesis defence. 

26. Carnivals in Portugal - Witnessed the one in Lisbon and also paid a visit to Torres Vedras. Barcelona one was much better. :P

27. Deadlines - Paper submissions come with deadlines. Working till the deadlines, which often is around 5 a.m Lisbon time was interesting and resulted in a few sleepless or long nights.

28. Visa applications - I did not have to apply for any visas last year, as I did not travel outside the Schengen region. This year, I required visa for China and the UK. Visa applications again! The visa application is not something I really enjoy though. :P This year also marked my 10th country to visit (UK).

29. Clearing my GMail - It got like 6000 unread emails, just in the inbox, along with a million unread email in the other filters. Made the count to zero last month also deploying better email filters and labels. Now the email count has grown to 100+.

30. Planning the future (also known as the year 2015. :P) - According to the initial discussions, it seems my second university for the PhD will be KTH. So EMJD-DC is going to be a larger version of EMDC, in terms of mobility, as IST ->KTH -> IST. That also means, most probably I will be moving to Stockholm mid of next year. Once more, year 2013. :)

Thanks for reading my list till the end. If you are really interested, you may also read the blog posts on the year 2013 and the year 2012. :D Let's see what will I have to write on the year 2021 - The 10th post in this series. :)

I wish everyone of you a very happy new year 2015. Hope it will be more interesting. :) 


  1. Visited this blog after long time. Good luck bro :)

    1. Thanks machan. I have visited your blog multiple times in the recent past. You still maintain your technology blog pretty active as a pure technology blog. :)


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