Friday, December 12, 2014

London 2014 || UCC 2014

London Eye~~
[07/12/2014 - 12/12/2014]
Good bye London! See you again soon probably another year. :D This was probably one of the best and craziest trips of the recent past (Probably only second to the Shenzhen 2014.)

Many things I learned. Many random events made me learn the world more in different lights. Many highlights during a very very short trip.

[The first two highlights here.]

3. Friendly receptionists. Learned he is in fact finishing his MBA and planning to return to his home country (Mauritius).

4. A random walk, realizing many people here actually can recognize a Sri Lankan. :D

5. Trying the Lebanese Halal Cuisine for a dinner (I had Farrouj Mussahab), listening to energetic Lebanese music and sipping Jallab. Loved the music (food was not that great though. :P)

6. Making friends and trying to get the best out of the presentations. :D

7. Realizing the time has gone too quick. (Life is always like that) :S

8. A night at the Heathrow Airport.
Just realized, for my basic survival I need these 6 things (in no particular order): Some food, some water, plenty of sun light, some Oxygen, electricity, and an uninterrupted supply of WiFi. :P The airport provides 4 hours of complimentary Internet for each device. Airport had notifications asking us to keep the devices charged, and those that are not charged may be prohibited from taking with us in the flight. :-o So I had to find a spot to sit down, charge my computer and Nexus 7, while surfing the Internet.

9. Fire Exits and Doors.
Interestingly, all the buildings in London are very serious about fire protection, with fire doors. I felt, it is because of the 1666 Great Fire of London.

Transportation was pretty expensive. Just one way metro ticket inside the central London costs 4.1 GBP, making the round trip costs 8.2 GBP. The daily ticket costs 8.9 GBP. Hence, we always bought the daily ticket, as the single/return tickets were very expensive. The ticket was for a day, and not for 24 hours. So each time we bought a ticket in the evening, it was in fact valid only for a few hours, till 00.00 hours.

Luckily my presentation came on the first day of the conference. Hence I was able to relax for the rest of the conference. Now going back to the regular busy life.

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