Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring is here..

View from the sky..
Yet another spring, and I am mostly busy with the course work.

I was hungry and lazy at the same time, so decided to grab some food at the shopping mall, and got into this bus from Alameda to go to Centro Comercial Colombo

It went passing, Estefania, Saldanha, Alameda (sorry-for-the-loop), Areeiro, Roma, Cidade Universitaria, Alvalade, Telheiras, your mom's home, Spanish border, Neptune, Alpha Centauri, some blackhole, Year 1450, God-please-forgive-my-sins, and finally the destination.

I was tracking my route (by simply looking outside. not using any app. It was dark outside anyway). After Telheiras, I lost my track, and this was exactly what I thought. :P

Lesson learnt: Don't get into a bus without checking the entire route.

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