Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spammers in random blogs..

I am not sure why my blog attracts spam comments. Probably every blog does, and I am just not aware of that. Because of the rate of spam comments, I just made the comments to be moderated. To see the extent of spam comments, you may see the screenshot, where a spam bot is spamming multiple of my posts within a short time gap.

Spam comments within a short time frame

Julia David has left a new comment on your post "Configuring OpenDaylight Controller with Mininet":
The information on this blog is very useful and very interesting. If someone needs to know about the just click
 [Spam link removed]

Apparently, I will not approve these spam comments. I wonder why the bots cannot be a bit more effective and spam blogs that suit their audience, or those have more visibility. :P

If you have some suggestion on how to overcome the spam bots (they are very annoying, and delay the publishing of the genuine comments too, as now all the comments have to go through moderation), please share with me.

Is there a way to block these bots?

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