Friday, June 5, 2015

The 4th Summer in Europe..

Finally summer is here in Europe, once more. We had the EMJD-DC spring event in Barcelona. I was in Barcelona 31st May - 4th June. This was my second time to be in Barcelona. It is a beautiful city with lovely beaches along the yellow metro line. Last time it was in 2013 winter for the EMDC winter event. So much of deja vu. As with many other travels, this trip too was mostly spent inside the university, due to the scheduled presentations. However, I had the last day to enjoy the city and its beach.

These days I was able to experience "selective animal right" campaigns against the consumption of dog meat in China. Every day, millions of animals - cows, rabbits, ducks, hens, and cute little baby piglets are tortured in farms for the meat all over the world. Some chose to consume dogs, and everyone has become an animal rights activist. In my opinion, unless you are a vegetarian, you have nothing much to voice here. Majority of the animals that end up in our plate have a cruel life and death in the animal farms (you may have seen a million videos from PETA on this). I don't think dog meat tastes good. Feels disgusting. But it is funny to see the selective animal love. Eat whatever you want, as long as it is not illegal where you live. I don't mind.

I am not a vegetarian. Time to make some chicken curry. The plants in my apartment have started to grow with little flowers. Long sunny and hot days. However, it is going to be another busy summer as usual.

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