Tuesday, January 12, 2016

JikesRVM: Internal Mechanisms Study and Garbage Collection with MMTk

"JikesRVM: Internal Mechanisms Study and Garbage Collection with MMTk" is a research paper we wrote in 2013 after studying and doing some minor research implementations on Jikes RVM, the research JVM. This was part of our Virtual Execution Module (AVExe) course requirements. The paper was quite good to satisfy our course requirements, offering us a grade of 19/20. Today we published it, to ArXiv. I know it is pretty late, considering it was written 2.5+ years ago. However, better late than never. Also we will upload revised versions to ArXiv when the requirement arises.

Abstract — High Level Language Virtual Machines is a core topic of interest for the researchers who are into virtual execution environments. As an open source virtual machine released to 16 universities, as early as 2001, Jikes RVM has been a major drive for many researches. While working on this project, we studied the JIT compilation of Jikes RVM as well as the Garbage Collection (GC) which is handled by the Memory Management Toolkit (MMTk), a part of the Jikes RVM. We also studied the Compressor Mark-Compact Collector algorithm and implemented it for MMTk. We have also implemented a micro-benchmark for the GC algorithms in Java, named “XPDBench”, for benchmarking the implementations.

You may find the full paper here.

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