Friday, January 15, 2016

Lisbon - Week n

[10/01/2016] There was a time when I used to blog my week in Lisbon. I have written blog posts till the Week 43. However, following my return to Sri Lanka in the 2013 summer, I stopped the weekly posts. I tried again in Stockholm. But it did not go quite well. Eventually I also started to believe that this is mostly because now I am used to this city and life style that there is nothing new to blog about any more. Another point is the busy life of the PhD student. However, it is fascinating to note that even in our most familiar environments there are some places that we have failed to visit or activities that we have failed to do.

Today we visited Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, which is a museum on my way to the university from my home, right along the bus route, close to Praça da Espanha. It is free for visitors on Sundays. It however opens on every day except Tuesdays. It was refreshing to see there are still some places left to be explored even after a 3+ years of stay in this city.

[15/01/2016] For some unknown reasons, the city buses in the evening are getting delayed these early days of the year. When I got into the bus this evening, I had a feeling of getting into a bus from the hell. For some reason, many of the passengers were shouting at the driver, and he was shouting back at them even louder. I understood nothing, because the conversation was loud and clear; but in Portuguese. I guessed it must be something regarding the delayed bus arrival times. Something is wrong. But I have no clue yet.

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