Sunday, February 21, 2016

How to hire a sheep or a bot using LinkedIn

'Please comment "interested"
we will get back to you if your profile fulfills this requirement.'

What  requirement?
You mean, commenting "interested" to a random image with no job description, posted by a random guy who does not even possess the qualification to be a recruiter of the UN?

I am not sure how many of the LinkedIn users will fall for these kind of marketing scams by random individuals to increase their visibility.

First, I am unfollowing those in my list who fall for this stupid shit. Leave United Nations, who in the right mind would hire someone who randomly post "interested" to a LinkedIn thread to which 20,000 others have already responded.

I have also unfollowed the "mathematical geniuses" who fall in the "3% category", doing all sort of elementary mathematics in LinkedIn.

Now I have a LinkedIn feed that has a higher level of intelligence. But I may have to rinse and repeat every once in a while.

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