Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The LinkedIn Police

A LinkedIn Police trying to advice what is LinkedIn.
There are so many annoying users in LinkedIn. The worst of all falls into the category called "LinkedIn Police". Why are they worst? Because, first they think they are smart, while being apparently oblivious from how LinkedIn or any social media works. Second they attempt to control others in LinkedIn, and by doing so in fact they contribute to the content that they do not really support. The commonest mantra of the LinkedIn Police is, "This does not belong to LinkedIn". They also have another: "Please go to Facebook".

While I hate spammers, I dislike the LinkedIn Police more, as either they contribute more to the spam, or they just create flame wards due to their ignorance and interest in controlling other users. For instance, one's entertainment is another one's entertainment or random topic. So next time, before being the LinkedIn Police, try to be nice. If you really want to combat the spam, use the best of all strategy: ignore.

In the image: A member of the LinkedIn Police seems to educate what is allowed on LinkedIn. However, other members of the LinkedIn community were quick to note that this indeed belongs to LinkedIn as this is what the job of the poster - a stylist.

If you are not sure, being a LinkedIn Police does not help your career. It is worse than the spammers, if you would ask me.

I do not of course support random guys and girls adding cute selfies to LinkedIn. But unless you guys communicate with them even by commenting negatively, these images or irrelevant content won't spread as viral content. Also please do not forget that stylists and models are professionals too. Respect their choice of posting their work or sample (which may look like a "Facebook content" for you, while it is not). Overall, just be nice to strangers.

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