Thursday, April 7, 2016

SENDIM for Incremental Development of Cloud Networks: Simulation, Emulation & Deployment Integration Middleware

This is my third and final paper at IC2E 2016. I presented it yesterday. I used a presentation style that is different than my previous presentations, just not to give a repeating feeling to the audience, as majority of them had attended one of my other two presentations. The presentation slides are given below.

Abstract: Cloud networks are tested over simulation, emulation, and physical environments at different stages of development. Configuration management tools manage deployments and migrations across different cloud platforms, mitigating tedious system administration efforts. However, currently a cloud networking simulation cannot be migrated into an emulation, or vice versa, without rewriting and manually re-deploying the simulated application. This paper presents SENDIM, a Simulation, Emulation, aNd Deployment Integration Middleware for cloud networks. As an orchestration platform for incrementally building Software-Defined Cloud Networks (SDCN), SENDIM manages the development and deployment of algorithms and architectures the entire length from visualization, simulation, emulation, to physical deployments.

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