Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CHIEF: Controller Farm for Clouds of Software-Defined Community Networks

This is my second presentation at IC2E. Last year also I presented my paper in SDS, and this is my second time publishing my paper at SDS. I always have had a good time at SDS. Given below is the presentation slides.

Abstract: Community networks leverage networking resources from the community itself to offer telecommunication networks for the same community. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) offers a global view of the elements composing the network. Due to its scalability, SDN paradigm has been extended for many other networks including social networks and community networks, in addition to its initial focus, traditional data center networks. This paper designs CHIEF, a networking platform for clouds of Software-Defined Community Networks. CHIEF offers a controller farm through a federation of SDN controllers, to orchestrate the multi-tenanted community network. CHIEF enables interoperable clouds of community networks by extending and deploying a federated and orchestrated cluster of SDN controllers, further enabling complimentary business functionalities such as monitoring, throttling, and metering for inter-community network clouds.

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