Monday, September 19, 2016

Drill Integration to Bindaas

Apache Drill has been integrated to Emory BMI's Bindaas Data Server, as a data source provider. The screencast below shows the basic usage of the Drill provider. Please note that the Drill provider is currently experimental and only available in the maven-restructure and maven-restructure-dev branches.

While maven-restructure remains a stable branch following a major restructuring on Bindaas to enhance its usability by the developers, maven-restructure-dev is a branch that is built on top of maven-restructure-dev. Mostly these branches are synced with minor latter developments may only be available at maven-restructure-dev till the merge.

These latter developments will be merged to the master branch eventually. The released versions of Bindaas can be found here.

If your Drill is configured with JPam for authentication, the user of the operating system also functions as the Drill user, as defined in the configurations of your Drill instance.

As Drill driver is based on the JDBC driver, the Drill JDBC url has a similar form. However, user name and password are optional for Drill Provider. If your Drill instance is not configured with JPam, leave the username and password entries blank when you define the data source in the Data Provider Creation step shown in the above screencast.

An example would be,
jdbc:drill:drillbit=localhost:31010 for a Drill configured stand-alone.

P.S: This screencast was captured using gtk-recordmydesktop. It works well on my Ubuntu-16.04. I highly recommend it for your screencasts.

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