Friday, September 23, 2016

Winning the customers' trust back

A 100$ bonus from Wells Fargo. Any takers?
It was quite noisy here with the Wells Fargo scandal, many asking the CEO to step down. If you are unaware of the news, basically it is a bank in the US, which decided to cheat their customers and stakeholders by faking accounts and credit cards. They reached their business margins at the loss of their customers. In the current world, banks are already earning a lot for just keeping the assets of the customers. Customers trust them. Wells Fargo broke that trust. It needs time to recover. They need a strategy. CEO should of course go, to have overlooked such a mass-scale scam.

On the other hand, I received the above letter. I have lived here in the US for 6 months now, and this is the first time I received a letter from Wells Fargo. I am not sure where they got my contact. But I will assure you - this is not the time to try to acquire more customers. Specially, I am double-suspicious about their 100$ bonus. Too good to be true - from an apparently bogus bank. Pls, first rebuild the trust of your existing customers before trying to get new ones. I am definitely not going to sign up, even if you allure me with 10,000$ bonus!

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