Sunday, June 14, 2020

Pandemic Atlanta Lockdown - Week 13

This week I submitted my first grant proposal. Several sleepless nights and finally made it on time. After the submission on Friday noon, I took off for the rest of the day to idle since I have been working day and night on this grant application.

Past, present, vs. future
I am usually a present person. I don't spend too much time thinking of my past nor spending time planning my future. But COVID19 made me spend more time looking into the past. My past has been quite fast and interesting since 2012 until the pandemic hit the world hard in the late February. With the pandemic making everything unpredictable, thinking of or planning the future doesn't seem to work either. I was going through a few old photos and found that I have never went back and checked those photos even once after taking those shots when we traveled to interesting places. It was nice to look back into those lovely memories amid the boring yet a deadly pandemic.

What is Next?
We have completed 3 months of work from home, and entering the 4th month now. The country is reopening although borders remain closed and international flights paused. The CEO of Qatar Airways has predicted that the flight prices will go up by at least 3X. It was quite an anti-climax that the country reopens but the pandemic is still at large. Nevertheless, we all are effectively working from home with no end in sight.

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