Friday, December 25, 2020

Pandemic Atlanta Lockdown - Week 41

This was a short-week. Yesterday was the last workday of 2020. Cannot believe we have reached the end of 2020. It has gone reasonably fast. So I traversed my 2017 Twitter to see how I handled my challenging days in 2017 so positively, and what do I miss in 2020. I found the secret in this tweet:
Random walk in an Alabama village

Someone told me: "You work 9 - 5 for money. The real work starts after 5 pm". I was like, "I don't consider sipping absinthe as real work. But if you insist." Anyway, in my opinion, anyone who says "Sacrifice your family/happiness/mental-health for your goal/vision/dream" should never be trusted.

When you drink ~140 proof liquors, you are drinking fire. You instantly receive the blessings of the Fire God, as the overproof rum burns your throat as it goes down. oh yes, as long as you don't mix anything; no stupid nonsense into my majestic rum.
#Lisboa residents be like "I know a place" and take you to the beaches, Tagus riverfront, Parque das Nações, fado bars, pastelaria restaurantes, churches, museums, and national parks all in a single day. By the end of the day, you will have decided to stay in #Portugal forever.

I hope I will be able to face 2021 with such energy and positivity how bad the year maybe, as COVID19 is still at large. Fingers crossed.

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