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'Llovizna' means 'drizzle' in Spanish. I picked 'Llovizna' as the blog name on 6th of January, 2010, as it gives a sexy appeal to my then mostly technical oriented drizzle of thoughts. 'Llovizna' discusses the projects that I got involved, the coding fun that I had elsewhere, and some general thoughts on Information Technology, or even some of my random thoughts.

Llovizna is neither a pure technology blog nor an entertainment blog, though it may have both and more. It is just my personal blog. Llovizna contains a range of posts from the technology posts such as Auto Scaling With Amazon EC2 to posts like how to ignore someone you love, which are completely random.

I also use Llovizna to document my past and recent travels.

I often maintain a list of top 10 countries that I would love to visit soon. My current top-10 is listed below.

Created: May 23, 2019
Updated: -

1. Ecuador
2. Japan
3. Latvia
4. Estonia
5. Lithuania
6. Singapore
7. Malaysia
8. Slovakia
9. Iceland
10. Canada

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